Swift: Book Update Update

Yesterday, Kindle Direct Publishing responded to my request to update the book with the changes that I submitted on the 19th. They state that updates should be limited to correct quality issues and not to expand content.

“When a book undergoes significant changes, a customer receiving an updated version can no longer view any highlights, bookmarks, or notes that they made and they lose their furthest reading location.” I’ve asked for a review, which they will complete by March 31st, to decide whether or not they’ll push the changes I’ve uploaded.

Oddly enough, they went ahead and push changes to just my account so I could confirm the content changes. I had bought a copy to act as a tunnel canary and was hoping to use it to determine when any updates went live.

Of course, Apple’s iBooks’ update policy keeps looking more and more attractive. But that might just be grass-is-greener-syndrome. I have no experience yet trying to update an iBooks title. I’m working on a very short book on closures, so my next experiment will probably go iBooks. The Playgrounds exclusivity clause ends on June 10th, right around WWDC.

Once again, thanks everyone for your support as I explore: everyone who has been sending feedback via Twitter, email, and comments. And an especially big thanks to everyone who has bought or borrowed the book.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.13.13 AM


  • The iBooks upgrade path is vastly superior (from a users prespective). For example Kevin McNeishes series for iOS programming beginners has received major updates at each new iOS and Xcode release.

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