Swift, Xcode: Beta 6 accessing Swift-native definitions

Having any problems in Swift getting access to native definitions through Command-click? You’re not alone. (As one person put it, “b6 is [colloquial expression of extreme disappointment] even by Xcode beta standards”) Here’s a workaround.

Select any Foundation item like NSString and Command-click it like you used to. In the definitions file, use the Jump bar to move from Foundation > NSString > NSString to Swift.

Update: If Command-Click is not working within source code, try quitting/restarting Xcode (thanks Argyrios K.). Still borked for me in Playgrounds.



This brings you to the Swift definitions you were trying to reach. Copy them to a file somewhere for easy reference.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 9.59.45 AM


One Comment

  • Great tip! It’s been refusing to click through for me since beta 5, but I’ve found I have better luck if I command-click on a type (like Bool or Int) than on a protocol (like Comparable). Quite annoying, since it’s usually the protocol declaration I’m interested, but Command-F works well once I’m there!