Icons: Fathomable and unfathomable

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.16.03 PM

From left to right you have: File, Quick Help, Identity, Attribute, Size, Connections, Bindings, and View Effects. While it’s not as if you can’t figure the new icons out by position and general shape, I’m left a little bewildered as to the design intent for this update.

  • The file inspector is apparently supposed to look like a folded edge document, it ends up looking like a cranky superhero with a big chin and no forehead. C-
  • I don’t have any big beef with the help icon but it’s ugly. The smooth light gray and pixelated dark gray doesn’t work for me. B-
  • What’s supposed to look like an ID or drivers license ends up saying “newspaper” instead of “identity”.  D
  • I’ve served with toolbelts. I knew toolbelts. Toolbelts have been friends of mine. And Attributes Icon, you’re no toolbelt. Can also be mistaken for hipster with strange ears, bad facial hair. F.
  • Again, I get this is a ruler. It’s just not a good ruler. Not the worst of the icons, but looks more like a comb than a ruler. C.
  • Connection icon. Ugly with pixelation but it works. B+
  • Oh for crying out loud. We are not lab rats, Apple. Bindings? F
  • The view effects icon works better for me as an “identity card” than the identity icon but that still doesn’t make it good. C+ because of the layered “effect” that kind of sort of barely makes the mark.

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