So you can’t submit your app: Some comforting words

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Yesterday, I was ready to upload a new version of Color App. It’s a big update: one that generates Swift code and supports SpriteKit. When I went to submit it, I got the following error: “Unable to process app at this time due to a general error”.  A general error? Who’s? Mine? Apples? What?

I hopped over to the dev status page and everything reported green. As far as I could tell from that, there were no posted problems at Apple’s end. So I did what anyone else would do. I started googling.  When I did, I discovered that this was not a unique experience, and there was quite a bit of advice out there — nearly all untested, and quite a bit in conflict.

The suggestion that stood out to me the most was “just wait it out, it’s probably iTC’s fault”. However, given the rest of the advice (a lot to do with revoking and re-issuing certificates), I thought the supposed “cure” was bad enough to invest in further searching before taking drastic action.

Turns out that I was not the only one having this problem yesterday and today. Someone started a thread over at devforums. Not only did several people respond to that thread, all of our problems resolved in unison today — and without us having to do anything on our end.

I’m posting this because I hope that the next time this happens someone will come across this post. Hi future frustrated person! Take a deep breath and relax. You did nothing wrong. Pop over to devforums and read the thread. Add your new information. And maybe you can find a group of your own to wait this out with. What you shouldn’t do is panic or start revoking your certificates. If this goes on for more than 24 hours, consider contacting iTunes Connect directly.

Most importantly, you aren’t alone, future person.  I validate your frustration and your fears. But I feel pretty confident telling you that if you just wait it out a bit, everything will turn out okay.

From Brian Musial:

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