Adding Visual Depth

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 12.12.27 PM

I played a bit with  adding depth to the color sampler app.  You can view the results at the linked video (about 30 seconds). Pretty much all the updates were created using Bezier paths, although I did end up using those to build reusable image components rather than computing the highlights for every view.

A lot of people were giving me feedback that everything on the screen felt like it was missing a dimension. A lot of the changes are quite subtle, like the slight edges around the swatches and the button highlights. The biggest change is the color adjustment wheel in the modal screen. I changed the wheel background entirely, and tried to make the center color look a bit more glassy rather than a solid.

I also added  a few improvements, which are hard to see here, into the algorithm that draws text along paths. You see this on the color adjustment wheel and on the camera sampling view.

One Comment

  • Hi, a very nice app you are developing. I can’t find it on App Store (searched for “Color Sampler” and your full name), is it released yet? If not, how can I get notified when it does? Keep up the good work!