Art Helper 1.0.3 is live, 1.0.4 submitted

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 6.36.38 PM


Art Helper 1.0.3 just went live, offers some Retina fixes, thanks to Matt Stevens and Lyle Andrews.

I took advantage of the quick review cycle to submit another version just a few minutes later. This includes improved multi-resolution TIFF that I added for Rudy Richter (he was my beta tester and feature requester) and a new icon.

I also, cautiously, am adding 10.7 support — we’ll see how that goes. Thanks to David Green, Mahipal Raythattha, and Gwynne Raskind for testing.

As always, this is written primarily for my own use and for friends. If you have any bug reports or feature requests, just let me know.

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