iOS Auto Layout Demystified: Arriving in April

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 10.00.54 AMMy first AW Mobile Programming title should be shipping in April. iOS Auto Layout  Demystified helps tame the constraints in your development project.

Auto Layout re-imagines the way developers create user interfaces. It provides a flexible and powerful system that describes how views and their content relate to each other and to the windows and superviews they occupy.

In contrast to older design approaches, this technology offers incredible control over layout with a wider range of customization than frames, springs, and struts can express. Somewhat maligned by exasperated developers, Auto Layout has gained a reputation for difficulty and frustration, particularly when used through Interface Builder.

That’s why this book exists. It helps you learn Auto Layout mastery by example, with plenty of explanations and tips. Instead of struggling with class documentation, you’ll learn in simple steps how the system works and why it’s far more powerful than you first imagined. You’ll read about common design scenarios and discover best practices that make Auto Layout a pleasure rather than a chore to use.

  • Chapter 1 Introducing Auto Layout
  • Chapter 2 Constraints
  • Chapter 3 Interface Builder Layout
  • Chapter 4 Visual Formats
  • Chapter 5 Debugging Constraints
  • Chapter 6 Building with Auto Layout
  • Chapter 7 Layout Solutions

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