Revised Erica Utilities

abquery Search your address book by name. Enter a search phrase that abquery matches to the address book name fields.

appLoad. Force Springboard to acknowledge new applications in the standard locations (/Applications and /var/mobile/Applications).

appSearch. Search the App Store from the command line. Enter a simple query phrase

badge. Badge application icons on Springboard with names, numbers, whatever.

deviceInfo. Query your iPod or iPhone for device attributes including platform name, processor, etc.

findme Return your current location's latitude and longitude. New version returns XML.

ip-print Show the current IP address used by your iPhone.

itmsSearch. Launch an iTunes store search from the command line

launch. Run an application from the command line as if it had been launched in Springboard. You must submit the application id, e.g. launch

notificationWatcher. Listen for standard and/or Core Telephony notifications. Notification watcher eavesdrops on these system-wide notifications, which are sent using the BSD notification system (aka "Darwin Notification Center").

openURL. Launch a URL from the command line, e.g. openURL or openURL tel://5055551212.

play. Play an audio file. Takes one argument, the name of the file

plutil. Property-list utility based on Apple's and expanded with extra functionality. Run without arguments for a usage maessage.

recAudio Record audio from the onboard microphone.

restart. A non-locking 2.0 safe version of restarting Springboard.

sb. A springboard-specific utility that allows you to set, reset and query your springboard prefs. Run without arguments for usage message.

sbar. Test status bar icons. Usage message gives info on how to use this utility.

tweet. Send an update to twitter. Takes 3 arguments: username, password, and the tweet itself. Use quotes if necessary on the tweet, to keep it as one argument.

urlclip Create a webclip (either normal or tel://) on springboard from the command-line

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