iOS Drawing book beta readers


UPDATE: The drawing book is now getting close to complete. Thank you to everyone who wrote in. I’ll post about the next projects and more beta reading opportunities shortly.

I’m still looking for beta readers for the new iOS Drawing book. Think you might be interested? Please send me a note by email and tell me about yourself and your background.

Here are a few points I include in my standard welcome, that should give you an idea of what I’m looking for:

I expect you to read through the chapter and find things that are (1) wrong, (2) unclear, (3) missing, or (4) badly expressed. Your focus is technical review. Please don’t worry about misspellings, phrasing, semicolons, etc. There are people to help with that during the copy edit phase. Your role is technical clarity and accuracy. Your help there is greatly appreciated.

I do not expect you to be kind in your feedback. Please be brutal and honest. I’d rather fix things now before the material goes out to the general public than after. If something is wrong, it’s wrong. If you point this out, I will not wallow in hurt feelings, I will be grateful to you.

This book is being written on a very short deadline. I need your feedback turned around in just a week or so after I post each chapter. I know that’s a really short turnaround and thank you in advance for promptness!

Selling books is how I support my family. Please do not distribute any of these documents. Thank you!

Books are a marathon, not a sprint. I need readers as much towards the end of the book as the start. Please, please, please stick around

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