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Funpaths repository at Github

erica | 9:00 am | March 18, 2013 | Fun,github,iOS

iOS Simulator Screen shot Mar 16, 2013 2.36.47 PM

If anyone is interested in a few fun shapes, I put up some UIBezierPaths at github. These are courtesy of PaintCode, through SVG import. I discovered that I could build a shape in Photoshop, export it to Illustrator, and save to SVG.

None of the art is mine, and the shapes seem to be freely licensed. The cute stuff is by ~hikaridrops on Deviant Art.

In related news, this UIBezierPath is not a dogcow:

iOS Simulator Screen shot Mar 15, 2013 9.47.15 PM

but this is:

iOS Simulator Screen shot Mar 15, 2013 9.48.33 PM

For details, see Macintosh Technical Note #31.





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